18 Cranes

18 Cranes (Kaifeng Chronicles, Book One)

Profrac Books, 2018 

ISBN: 9781775316206 (paper), 9781775316213 (ebook)

Twenty-three year old, Li Bing, son of a vice-prefect, writes the provincial level civil service examination in Hangzhou, China, in the year 1630, just over a decade prior to the demise of the Ming dynasty. The story unfolds over a six-week period, from the first day of the three-day examination cycle, to the day when the results are announced.

Throughout this brief period, Bing is haunted by a recurring dream of eighteen cranes. He explores its possible meaning with his father, maternal grandfather, and the young woman he is destined to marry. He learns much more than he could have imagined.

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Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks (Kaifeng Chronicles, Book Two)

Profrac Books, 2018 

ISBN: 9781775316220 (paper), 9781775316237 (ebook) 

In late autumn 1630, Li Bing prepares to depart for Beijing to write the  metropolitan examinations. Before he goes, he learns more about his  heritage from his maternal grandfather and hopes to marry his childhood  sweetheart Xiaoyun. However, political intrigue between his father and  hers has the potential to derail more than just his marriage.

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Grand Canal

Grand Canal (Kaifeng Chronicles, Book Three)

Profrac Books, 



Beijing (Kaifeng Chronicles, Book Four)

Profrac Books,